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Gods tend to be conceited and over-opinionated, and as such require a large amount of dedicated and regular worship. Priests who take this to heart wi ..
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Alliances - Alliance Information

An Alliance is made up of parties that have chosen to align themselves by a common cause, belief, necessity or just for selfish reasons. In Moderation ..
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Alliances - Joining An Alliance

The game newsletter and the newsletter (620) available in the game contain recruitment messages for the Alliances. It is best to find an Alliance that ..
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Alliances - Setting Up An Alliance

Before setting up an Alliance the players concerned need to decide where the Alliance should be based. The settlement that contains the HQ will form t ..
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A (Target) (Attitude) In addition to the Attitude rules mentioned in basic rulebook, the following are additional parameters: - Targets are: - All p ..
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