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Characters that start the game as mages will know how to cast only a few simple spells; those listed in the Spells and Powers table of your turn repor ..
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Magic - Auto Spell Conditions

It is often the case that you will not want to use the same spells for all occasions. Ranking and de-ranking them them is too slow. Auto spell conditi ..
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Magic - Casting Spells

The casting of a spell usually involves an incantation, (complicated chant) waving of the arms and most importantly the mixing of rare herbs and powde ..
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Magic - Learning New Spells

A mage can practice mixing powders together to try to learn a new spell. Basically, he picks a single powder or mixes two or three different powders t ..
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Magic - Prepared Spells

As spell casting in combat is automatic, your mage or priest can prepare up to six spells ready for casting. These can be all different or the same sp ..
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The spells used by priests are often referred to as miracles. Unlike ordinary spells, no special incantation, movements or powders are required. The p ..
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Molwanh was the first of the Kharne Gods, and is believed to have been an Old One. She originally held much more power than she currently does; it is ..
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By now you will have encountered a number of monsters, some of which were easy to kill, others may well have been more difficult. As your party progre ..
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M (direction numbers) For example: M 557 will move your party south two sectors and then west one. ..
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In Quest there are three different types of locations, these being towns, wilderness and dungeons. Each is treated separately with the same order some ..
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Movement - Dungeon Movement

Dungeon movement is a slow cautious process. Your party is moving through a strange unfamiliar environment in poor lighting with danger on all sides. ..
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Movement - Town Movement

Within a settlement, a party moves from shop to shop, conducting business along the way. No movement points are used doing this. Moving cautiously in ..
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Movement - Wildreness Movement

In the wilderness, there are many different types of terrain, each of which costs a number of movement points to enter. As you travel, the cost of ent ..
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Movement Points

How far you can travel depends on how many movement points your party has available. If you choose a movement speed of cautious you will normally have ..
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