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Game Maps

Each turn you will receive a map showing the details of your current location. To find where you are in the world, you will have to use the informatio ..
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Game Method

The game is operated by KJC Games using several powerful computers and a massive set of computer programs and a database many megabytes in size. You s ..
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Garthrana is slightly older than Fleyshur by only a few minutes. The twins have been at odds with each since they have existed. Garthrana was initiall ..
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Gods - A Brief Look At The Chronicle Of The Gods

By Faquem Daeni, Elven Priest of Phyloqure Collected herein is a brief summary of the Gods, their history and their tenets. Whilst by no means exhaus ..
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Gods - Advanced Rule Book

The eight Gods are the same ones mentioned in the basic rulebook. Being Gods they do not think the same as mortals, and as the millennia have gone by, ..
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Gold is the standard currency of Kharne. You can share out your gold between your characters using the NEW MONEY order. To give an equal amount to eac ..
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The Game Of Quest

As a new player in Quest, you control a party of brave but inexperienced characters exploring the fantasy land of Kharne. In this world, magic is comm ..
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The Gods Of Kharne - Basic Rule Book

Each of the gods grant different powers and as a priest's alignment approaches that of a god, his ability to use the powers favoured by that god will ..
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