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Dungeon Movement - Move Out Of Dungeon

M (direction code) A party in a room with stairs leading to the surface can use this order to leave a dungeon and then travel in the direction indic ..
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Dungeon Movement - Select Speed

S (speed) Speed can be 1, 2 or 3. You can change this by doing another Select Speed order while in a dungeon. Each room you enter normally costs two ..
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Dungeon Movement - Track

T (target) This is the same as the Wilderness order of the same name. Your party will attempt to follow the specified target. For example: T 830 t ..
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Dungeon Movement - Wait And Ambush

W (target) Your party will prepare an ambush against the party or monster type specified. This is the same as the Wilderness order of the same name. ..
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Dungeon Orders - Depth Control

D (direction) Use this order to indicate whether you wish to move up or down any stairs found within a dungeon. The direction parameter is 0 to rema ..
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Dungeons - Investigate

I (target) When used in a dungeon this order has an extra use. If you write a room number as the target your party will move to that room (as though ..
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Dungeons - Locate Room

L (direction/room) Your party will explore the dungeon, moving in the specified movement direction or to a particular room. To move to a room, you m ..
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