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Scouting Parties

Scout Character/Party: SP (Target Party Number) 99 This order allows a party with a Thief profession to scout a target party that is in the same loc ..
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Selling Items And Their Values

When selling the majority of items their value is considered to be roughly one quarter of their full price. Character's charisma does modify the final ..
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Set Alignment:

SA (Alignment) This order will lock the party's Alignment to a specific area. The Alignment choices are: 1 = Baldor, 2 = Garthrana, 3 = Sundonak, 4 ..
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Special Items

Over the millennia many powerful items have been created or found. These items are normally exceptionally powerful when compared to their basic counte ..
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Special Locations

Amidst some areas, hidden from sight, magic or sacred sites await to be uncovered. Some sites can be found like dungeons, by issuing an 'I 0' order, w ..
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Special Monsters & Npcs

Across the world many powerful monsters and NPCs dictate events from behind the scenes. As events unfold these monsters/NPCs may actively leave their ..
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Special Monsters & Npcs - Interacting With Npc And Monster Groups

A party that meets a monster or NPC group without a fight occurring and receives something for example like the following message: 'OOC - Attempts to ..
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Special Monsters & Npcs - Monsters

Besides the four main 'civilised' races, Human, Halfblood, Elf and Dwarf, the other creatures very rarely enter any of the settlements as magical and ..
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S (1=Fast/2=Normal/3=Cautious) For example: S 1 selects rapid movement for your party in their current environment. ..
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Splitting Your Party

There may come a time when you want some of your characters to go off an do their own thing. This can be achieved by splitting the party into two. Thi ..
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Standing Orders

From TURN TWO ONWARDS, you can specify five orders which you wish to become standing orders. These will be processed every turn until either changed o ..
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Starting Quest

If you have already sent us your party name and those of your initial six characters, your first turn report should be with you shortly. If not, or if ..
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Steal Orders

Steal Item from Character SI (Target Party Number) (character) (Item) This order can only be used by a party with a Thief profession, and on a party ..
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Sundonak is a god of action and proved as much during the wars with the Old Ones. Both his strategies and strength of arm were crucial in the final us ..
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Swap Characters

SC (character) (character) You can change your party's marching formation using this order. For example: SC 6 2 will have character 6 move to the sec ..
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