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Party Bank Tax

A party is allowed to deposit up to 50,000 Gold into a bank as tax-free money. After this amount a 2% tax will be deducted each game week from the amo ..
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Party Profile

Using a party profile form, you can enter a short description of your party, a shield design and a battle cry. When you meet other parties they will b ..
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Party Transfers

Parties can be transferred between worlds. But only once and you have to request it from the GM. ..
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Phyloqure is the oldest of Molwanh's children. It is believed that Phyloqure figured out how to best improve Molwanh's and his siblings' power. It is ..
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Plunder & Unclaimed Equipment

Equipment picked up from combat, handed to your party or simply found lying in the wilderness or dungeons goes to a separate store of Plunder and Uncl ..
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Plus Equipment Note

Equipment that has a +1 to +3 rating is considered of superior quality to their basic versions; they are not, however, magical. +4 or better items can ..
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P (0/god) For example: P 5 instructs your party to pray to god Ythcal - the Lord of Death). ..
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Got a problem? Quest will normally run very smoothly but very occasionally a Turncard may go missing or your results go astray. If you don't receive ..
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