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Alliances - Setting Up An Alliance

Before setting up an Alliance the players concerned need to decide where the Alliance should be based. The settlement that contains the HQ will form the centre of the Alliance's life.

It is worth reading the game history and reading the overview of the cities first, as this will give you an idea of what a settlement may be like. Most settlements have a wide range of Organisations present in the form of the Guilds and Temples; these settlements are usually suited for any type of Alliance.

Some settlements have extreme beliefs and therefore players should be aware that setting up an Alliance with opposing beliefs will likely create tensions; this, however, could be overcome during the game, as the Alliance's rank grows.

Do not contact the GM for information about where to set-up an Alliance, as the GM would have to give away game world information to answer the question, which cannot happen.

Once the Alliance Recognition form has been completed and the Alliance is official, the players need to fill in the Alliance Goal Form (see last page of rulebook) or on the website. The goals are listed in the Goals Section. A spokesperson for the Alliance should be nominated; it is best that members with regular email access are nominated, so that quick communication can be carried out if needs be. The spokesperson's party does not have to hold one of the designated Alliance positions in order to be the spokesperson.

Over the course of the current moderation cycle the GM will sort out the NPCs that will act as liaison to the Alliance, and also work out how the Alliance and their goals, best fits into the settlement. A liaison from an Organisation that the Alliance has specified on their Goal form will contact the Alliance and introduce themselves. At this stage the Alliance is now officially ready for the moderated aspects, and the first Special Quests will follow shortly.



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