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Combat - Arena

Arenas are an exciting place to learn much about combat. It gives you the chance to pit your party against another player's party in a duel. The difference between arena combat and normal combat is that the effects only apply for the duration of the combat. Once the fight is over, the two sides are magically restored to how they were prior to the fight.

To have a fight in an arena, you need to issue the VISIT ARENA order, challenging another player's party. This order can only be issued in a city or town. The player controlling the other party will be notified of your party's desire for a duel. If they accept the challenge, next time they are in a city or town, they should issue their own VISIT ARENA order, this time against your party. The duel will then occur immediately, irrespective of where the first party is currently located.

If your challenge is not accepted, you can issue another order against a different party. This will cancel your original challenge so you should wait a couple of turns before doing this. Only one VISIT ARENA order is allowed per turn. A target 0 will cancel the prospective duel and select no new target, this is a special case and can be used anywhere.


VA (target party/0)

For example: VA 1230 will request a duel with party 1230.



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