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Blurbs - Spell Blurbs

Spells have three categories to help give an overview of what the Spell does in Quest.Some spells ignore armour; if the spell does then the blurb will specifically mention that it does.

1Very slowTouch attackFist
2SlowFew feet extra+1 Dagger
3AverageGreat reach+3 Long Sword
4Above averageBeyond normal melee+5 Great Axe
5OutstandingWeak missile weaponry+8 War Flail
6UnbelievablePowerful missile weaponryUnbelievable

For Example: BLACK VOID

A deadly offensive spell against creatures of all kinds. When the spell is cast a magical gate is opened into another plane. Anyone, or anything, close to the gate is sucked towards it and will be lost for ever in the void. The pull is fortunately not too powerful and most creatures will be strong enough to resist it unless they are unlucky or very close. The target for this spell is the monster type, monster group, or player party to be affected.

SP=3, R=5, D=NA



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