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Blurbs - Armour Blurbs

Armour blurbs have two categories to help give an overview of what the Armour does in Quest.The + modifiers that some armour has gives an increase in AR; the amount is not a lot but it can make all the difference. In the case of a suit of Cloth armour and a suit of +8 Cloth armour the +8 Cloth is obviously much better. It is not possible to give a different AR overview for each individual + modifier. The base AR of each piece of armour is

RatingsSpeed ModifierArmour (AR)
1Outrageous negativeFist
2Big negative+1 Dagger
3Negative+3 Long Sword
4Small negative+5 Great Axe
5No modifier+8 War Flail


Leather armour is usually worn by thieves but is also popular amongst penniless fighters. Two types of leather are used - flexible and lightweight where movement is needed (eg arms and upper legs), and tough, hardened leather everywhere else (eg chest, forearms and shins). It provides only light protection but is inexpensive, easy to wear, and does not restrict a character's movements. Those not risking melee combat such as thieves and archers should favour this armour. Leather armour is commonly worn by orcs, goblins, gnolls, etc.

SP=3, AR=2



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