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Blurbs - Weapon Blurbs

Weapons have three categories to help give an overview of what the weapon does in Quest.The + modifiers that some weapons have gives an increase in damage; the amount is not a lot but it can make all the difference. In the case of a Dagger and a +8 Dagger the +8 Dagger is obviously much better; it is not possible to give a different Damage overview for each individual + modifier.The Damage rating is not specific, as it has a random range. What is listed here is a comparison against the Armour Ratings (AR)

1Very slowTouch attackNone to Cloth
2SlowFew feet extraLeather to Ring
3AverageGreat reachScale to Chain
4Above averageBeyond normal meleePlate to Magical Plate
5OutstandingWeak missile weaponryBeyond Magical Plate
6UnbelievablePowerful missile weaponryUnbelievable

For Example: LONG SWORD

Most long swords are about three feet in length with straight, double-edged blades. They do considerably more damage than a short sword but require greater space to use to full effect. The long sword is a useful general-purpose weapon but is not very effective against heavy armour.

Elves seem to have a natural skill with the long sword. Its slender grace suits their combination of swift reflexes and natural co-ordination perfectly. Dwarves on the other hand generally consider all swords as ephemeral and rarely demean themselves to wield one.

SP=3, R=2, D=3



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