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Character Professions

Each class also has a number of professions. These are characters that started out life training under their more general heading but found they had a natural ability in one particular field or were somehow brought up in a specific manner. However, due to the dedication to their chosen specialisation or as a consequence of their social station destiny set them on a different path. While this has meant that certain avenues of learning have been open to them, other aspects of their class often suffer. Hence an archer could be exceptional with a bow but if he got caught in a close combat situation, his abilities would be below that of a similarly skilled fighter who has a more rounded range of abilities.

The reason for only having four character classes and many professions is that it allows you to use a single order for all the characters of a certain class. This makes changing tactics and trade easier and faster.

As there are certain restrictions on many of the rarer professions such as cannot be resurrected or can only cast certain spells and miracles not to mention certain specific attitudes for the first twenty turns only the common professions of Warrior, Wizard, Cleric and Rogue can be recruited. When other professions become available to recruit, an infotoken will be attached to the end of the turn giving a description of important information appertaining to the profession.

While the four basic professions are common, others such as the knight are very rare. The chance of one of these being available for recruitment is almost legendary. It is therefore best not to spend relentless turns attempting to gain a specific profession but choose from whatever comes your way. Just because you want them it does not follow that they want you!



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