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As the middle sibling Baldor quickly developed into his role as mediator. The constant bickering between the Kharne Gods was eventually resolved by making Baldor settle the normal differences of young Gods (Garthrana, Fleyshur and Novala) against their mother and older siblings (Molwanh, Phyloqure, Ythcal and Sundonak).

Baldor learnt much from his eldest brother, Phyloqure, and Baldor soon grew to share many of his beliefs.

Baldor also was reputed to have tried to push for peace between the Old Ones and the Kharne Gods, but all we know about it, if it was attempted, is that it failed.

During the Divine War Baldor developed another role, that of healer. This expanded to include the role as protector, and as the Divine War continued his power actually grew as many prayed to him for blessings. This, along with his close bond with Phyloqure is how Baldor became the God of Home, Family, Mercy and Charity.

After the Divine War legend has it that Ythcal did not like the close bond Baldor and Phyloqure had developed, as the two often opposed Ythcal, so Ythcal managed to put them at odds with each other. In the end the problem was resolved, but their relationship has never been quite the same.

He covers the following spheres of reality: -

  • Healer
  • Mercy (Charitable)
  • Family
  • Home
  • Wisdom
  • Civilisation
  • Common Sense
  • Honesty (Trust, Loyalty, Friendship)
  • Mediator (Justice, Law)
  • Safety / Protection
  • Light
  • Freedom


There are no major sect differences amongst the Priests of Baldor. They are nearly all skilled herbalists and healers. A keen sense of diplomacy is generally the next most valued trait, followed by the ability to mediate. After these it can vary quite a lot.

The Baldor Priests try to keep their freedom to include the fact that they should not interfere with anyone else's freedom, something that is much harder to do than it sounds.

Priests of Baldor tend to be in high demand in nearly all settlements. The combination of their healing skills, ability to settle disputes and the added benefit of them being quite adapt at protecting the settlement has made them a must even in the most rural of villages. An ironic point for many of those that are opposed to Baldor is that Baldor Priests tend to try and help them, partly in an effort to convert them. Of course most followers of the 'evil' Gods just find the Baldor Priests efforts amusing.



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