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Party Controlled Shops - Owner New Orders

Put Item:
PI (character 1-15) (slot 1-8) (item 101-800,10000+)

This order is used by the shop owner to put an item into the designated slot in the shop.

Get Item:
GI (character 1-15) (slot 1-8)

This item allows the shop owner to take an item from the designated slot in the shop.

Set Price:
SP (slot 1-8) (price, 0=don't sell 0-1,000,000)

This order sets the price for any items in the designated slot. Setting the price of 0 means that the item is stored at the shop and will not be sold unless another price is given.

Buy Permission:
BP (slot 1-8) (any1 party or alliance 0,1001-2000,101-150)
(n.b. If a permission other than 0 is set, a price of 0 indicates don't charge)

This order gives another party permission to collect an item. If a price has been set then they still pay the price, whilst a price of 0 means there is no charge.

Protection Money:
PR (Off/On 0-1)

Setting this option to on, PR 1, means that the party is giving protection money to the local Thieves Guild, Bankers & Merchants Guild, Settlement Officials, or a similar Organisation to help protect the shop. A shop with this setting cannot be affected by the Wait and Rob order; only moderated actions can attempt to affect the shop.

The fee of 200 gold per game week is automatically taken from the party's bank account until the option is switched off, PR 0.

Pay off Debt:

If a party's bank account does not contain enough gold to pay the running costs of the shop then the party will be given a 1,000 gold fine.

Failure to have the standard running cost of 200 gold in the party's bank account by the end of the game week will result in the loss of the shop and all its items.

The 1,000 gold fine gives a party an expensive gap in-between payments, something that should not be used on purpose to avoid a one-week 200 gold fee.

The Protection Money will be automatically switched off if there is not enough gold to pay it. The party will need to reactivate it when this occurs.



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