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Party Controlled Shops - Shop Blurb

As a Free Action upon successfully setting up the shop the player can submit a blurb to

The blurb cannot be outrageous, for example: 'The walls are jewel encrusted with a magical throne behind a golden counter.' This links in with the following three settings for the shop: - Opulent, Fine, Basic (Some would say scummy). Along with the blurb the player determines what level of expense is spent on the shop. The player needs to make sure the required amount of gold is in their party or their Alliance's bank account. The first time the level of expense is chosen it is a FA.

If a level of expense is chosen but no blurb then the GM will add a blurb to the shop, any further changes will count as the 2nd time, and so on.

If a blurb is chosen but no level of expense then the shop will default to the basic level, any further changes will count as the 2nd time, and so on.

Level of Expense

* Opulent - 30,000 gold - The shop is extremely well designed and has lush fittings. The shop has a very good construction. The shop blurb can be opulent.

* Fine - 10,000 gold - The shop has what would generally be considered a fine and solid construction. The shop blurb can be fancy.

* Basic - 0 gold - This is the default setting for the shop. The shop is pleasant enough, but nothing special. The shop blurb needs to be basic.

See the 'Shop Services' section the additional affect of these settings.

Once a blurb and level of expense has been set-up it cannot be changed unless a SA is used. An independent party, since they do not have SA, can use 10,000 gold to change the blurb and level of expense.



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