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Party Controlled Shops

A party may be fortunate to acquire a license to run a shop. A license can be acquired a number of ways: -

* A party can attempt to purchase a license by using a SA in a settlement. The license can cost anywhere in the region of 250,000+ gold; so only the rich parties should attempt this approach. Settlement Officials are also unlikely to give an adventuring party a shop license, adventurers are generally believed to be too fickle and not business minded, and thus unreliable.

* A chance to buy a shop license could be offered to an Alliance, or party (Alliance or Independent) for completing a special quest, or more likely several special quests; this license could be at a hefty discount, or even free.

* An Alliance can attempt to persuade their Organisation to sort out a license at a discounted rate. This method will normally require several SAs to arrange, and can still cost quite a lot. Most important for an Alliance to keep in mind is that the shop is run by only one party and they are using Alliance status, so two options can be used.

A) A party is nominated to run a shop on behalf of the Alliance. A tag is set on the shop that means if the party ever leaves the Alliance, or if the Alliance Hierarchy decides the shop can be given to someone else. This means that all items in the shop are passed on with it. The Alliance can decide to use a SA at any time and give an Alliance shop to another Alliance party to manage. The Alliance can decide to use a SA at any time and hand over a shop to a party to not just run but own.

B) The shop is totally run and owned by the party. This could be a good way of rewarding productive parties in the Alliance. If the shop is set-up in this manner only the party owner can give it to the Alliance.

Important Note: There is a limit on how many shops there are in quest currently so if there is not an empty building available then the cost will likely be twice the standard fee. It is however more likely that no license will be offered at all.

When a shop is first set-up the type of shop and blurb can be decided as a FA; see Shop Blurb next for more details.



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