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Psycho Parties

With the introduction of the aforementioned Anti-Annihilation-Routine (A.A.R.) this setting has now been added to allow players with more psychotic parties to be wiped out, but only if both parties have the setting on.

Instead of the A.A.R. negating the fight, this setting allows the fight to count. If only one party has the setting on then the A.A.R. will work as normal.

To set the psycho option, contact the Games Master. Once this setting has been set it cannot be removed.

WARNING - If you set this option you are inviting everything to try and take the party out! This could mean that if particularly powerful opponents are encountered they could kill so many characters that the party may be left with just a few characters.

In the event of a psycho party being wiped out, contacting KJC will NOT enable the party to be 'magically' healed. And remember this is a one-way setting so use at your peril!



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