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Alliance Faqs - Our Alliance(a) Has Asked Another Alliance(b) To Introduce Us To One Of Their Organisations; Will This Cost Both Alliances A Special Action?

Yes. It costs their Alliance(B) a Special Action and Status to introduce your Alliance(A) to their Organisation. It costs Status because they are asking their Organisation for a favour. Once the introduction is arranged it will cost your Alliance(A) a Special Action to interact with the Organisation, which is no different from normal.

The benefit of doing this is that the Organisation will be more likely to interact with your Alliance(A) since the other Alliance(B) have said that they should be helpful.

It is worth keeping in mind that Alliance(B) may have told their Organisation to be unhelpful and Alliance(B) could issue another Special Action to find out what they told your Alliance(A). If the two Alliances want to share information they still have to use an IC Deal to do so.



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