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Alliance Faqs - The Lead Character Of Our Alliance Is An Arrogant Megalomaniac; Will This Create Problems?

This depends with which Organisation the Alliance is tied. For example, Phyloqure and Baldor will be wary of this type of character, whilst Ythcal or Fleyshur are likely to be impressed.

It also depends on whether the leader remembers his place, for example, the Head Priest of a Fleyshur Temple is not someone to annoy. By all means you can make demands, but don't outright dictate to them. A good way of preventing any problematic situations arising is by the Alliance leader nominating a liaison that deals with the Organisation.

This has two nice effects: firstly it is a way of showing that the Alliance leader's time is too valuable to deal with an Organisation liaison, and secondly the Organisation Liaison can reword any communications and present them in a more sociable way.



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