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Alliance Faqs - Our Alliance Has Goals That Many Consider Difficult To Combine; Does This Mean The Organisations We Are Involved With Are Going To Be Funny/wary Of Our Alliance?

Initially an Alliance that works with, for example, the Thieves Guild and the Bankers & Merchants Guild, may suffer from snide remarks by NPCs, and they may not be offered the best Special Quests, but the situation really does depend on the NPCs themselves.

Since the Organisations, in this example, are often at odds with each other, the fact that the Alliance has aligned itself with both gives the NPCs confidence in the fact that the Alliance will try to work for both and try to limit confrontations between the two Organisations.

It is in an Alliance's interest not to weaken an Organisation they are working with, since they are weakening themselves. It is important to bear in mind that some NPCs are very set in their ways and may wholeheartedly believe that the Alliance is untrustworthy until they have consistently proven themselves.



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