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Alliance Faqs - The Moderation Allows A Quest To Be Incredibly Diverse, But Are There Any Limits To It, For Example Could I Hire Some Bandits To Harass A Settlement And Distract The Officials Whilst We Carry Out Another Action?

The moderation allows for almost anything to be attempted. Players can be quite inventive when it comes to carrying out some of the Special Quests. Using the example above, the Alliance could use a Special Action, and a lot of Gold or other payment to hire some Bandits to harass the target settlement and then carry out another Special Action.

The Bandits could cause the settlement Officials to be too busy to pay much attention to a few adventuring parties. Alternatively, the settlement Officials might become paranoid that something is very wrong, like the settlement is about to be raided by a hoard of Bandits and, therefore, the Officials will be extra vigilant.

Trying to get third parties to carry out an action does have risks. The Bandits may be caught and tell the Officials who hired them, or they may double cross the Alliance. The bandits may fail and therefore the Alliance has to carry out the Quest themselves, if this was the case then it quite likely the Quest will be more difficult due to the Bandits' involvement.

Alliances are made up of some of the world's elite, the typical Bandit is not very powerful nor, many would say, clever, so Alliances must decide whether they want to risk not carrying out a Special Action themselves.

Trying to get third parties to carry out a Special Quest is strongly not recommended, but using third parties to help complete a Special Quest may be worthwhile as well as cool.



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