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Alliance Faqs - Our Alliance Is Struggling To Complete All Of Our Special Quests; Will This Be A Problem?

This depends on the Special Quests that have been offered. Some Quests are quite clearly explained as urgent when they are issued; these Quests should, therefore, be made priority. If a Special Quest has not been clarified as urgent, some leeway with the length of time to complete it is automatically available.

If a few months go by and an Alliance has not completed a Special Quest, the Quest may be declared as failed, but a warning will normally be given before hand. The best way to cope is to make sure the older Quests are given priority even if something cool comes up, unless something urgent arises, and that way the Alliance will be able to catch up with itself.

Even an Alliance with only 5 active members has 2 Special Actions per cycle. There are times when the Special Quests for a new cycle may require both SA, but there are also times when the Special Quests will not require any SA.



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