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Alliance Faqs - Our Alliance Has Gained A Lot Of Status With The Organisation We Work With; Can We Take The Organisation Over?

Once an Alliance has gained Rank 3 with an Organisation they are important members. If the Alliance wants, they can attempt to gain more power in the Organisation via a number of methods; the more blatant and violent the more likely there will be messy consequences. A quick overview of ways to go about doing this are (all involve putting forward a character to leave an adventuring party in the Alliance and join the Organisation proper):

* Waiting for an opening, and then working from the inside. A character is likely to still have strong ties to the Alliance and thus they will make sure that the Alliance's interests are prioritised within the Organisation.

* Enemy Organisations may kill important members of the Organisation, and the Organisation the Alliance works with may turn to the Alliance for help. This will likely give the Alliance an immediately more powerful position, but since the Organisation is under attack it may not be the best position to be in.

* As above, but the Alliance is the one responsible for the deaths! This could result in an enquiry being held into the culprits behind the murders, which may lead back to the Alliance. The Alliance may be forced to use its newfound power to cover up its own involvement, resulting in a waste of resources and time, but then again…



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