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Alliance Faqs - How Do We Go About Claiming A Settlement?

Firstly, make sure an Organisation the Alliance works with is interested in doing this. Trying to persuade the Organisation may help; this would require a SA. Claiming a settlement comes down to the important issue of how many resources the Organisation is willing to use to back the claim, and at the core of the resources that will be required are troops. Generally only Settlement Officials have enough troops to lay claim to something and be able to back the claim up. The other Organisations do have their own troops, plus they also have other abilities, but a settlement normally has access to lots of troops and the resources of the other Organisations in the settlement. So if an Organisation other than the Settlement Officials wanted to claim somewhere they would normally use their influence with the Settlement Officials to get them to back the claim.

A general summary for the different Organisations is:

  • The Temples will want a settlement to align itself with a settlement in which it already has power, and they will want the majority of inhabitants to declare loyalty to the specific Philosophy or God.
  • Bankers & Merchants Guild and Thieves Guild are not interested in laying claim to a settlement, but may be interested in gaining some influence in it for business gains.
  • Magic Cyrcle are not normally interested in claiming anything, except Magic Sites, as the Cyrcle only needs a sanctum to carry out its research. Magic Sites provide extra magic power and are something that most Magic Cyrcles are interested in.
  • Settlement Officials are always interested in new territory, but as noted above they need to be able to back up their claim.
    • Cities are normally capable of competing with non Settlement-States
    • Towns are capable of claiming most non-Settlement things.
    • Villages are generally not very capable of claiming anything more than Magic Sites.

Capturing and laying claim to a settlement is not a quick task, most of the time it requires a lot of hard work before hand, but the rewards are usually worth the effort.



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