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Retiring A Character

Retiring a character costs a SA. The characters equipment should be removed before retiring them, although Powders do not have to be removed. Everything about the character is important.

Once a character is removed from a party in this fashion, he or she will continue to develop and interact with the game world away from the direct influence of players. Whilst an NPC is likely to stay somewhat loyal to their old comrades, influences like corruption, blackmail, magical mind control, nepotism or even something like forgetfulness, could make a retired PC act in ways other than what the player whom just to control the character wishes.

Game No:
Alliance No:
Party No:
Account No:
Character Name & No:
Character Race & Profession:
Character Stats:
Requested Organisation:
Character Goal (50words)
Character Personality/Quirks (50words)
Short Description (50words)
Loyalty: 1, 2, 3,

The character does not have to be retired to an Organisation. For Example: a character could join an orphanage.

A character without high stats will likely struggle to fulfil their new job. Any rating below 70 is considered not high. Unlike a party where all characters get along without incident a retired character has to try and get along with their new colleagues so Charisma is very important.

A character with inappropriate personality/quirks for their new job will likely struggle. For Example: A character that constantly stutters is likely to have trouble in a position of a diplomat.

A character whose race is very different to the majority of citizens could suffer from racism - in most settlements this is not a problem. For Example: Retiring a Halfblood or Dwarf in a settlement that is predominately Elven could result in problems for the character.

A character whose profession is different to that of the people they are going to associate with could cause problems. For Example: A Berserker joining the Temple of Phyloqure.

A character that has been retired is then treated as any other NPC, so it requires a SA to interact with the character, with the normal rules of SA applying.

A character's goals and loyalty will likely be the first things to be questioned when the character retires from their old party. In a world with magic and divine power so readily available it is possible that powers to detect a character's motivation could be used.

Here is a complete example:

Using a SA I wish for the following character to be retired.
Game No: 31
Alliance No: Mystics of Avaellia (111)
Party No: Snow Tigers (1860)
Account No: 12345
Character Name & No: Galin (10)
Character Race & Profession: Elven Wizard
Character Stats: 99SK 120TO 89AW 85CH 99 Health Dagger 100% Bow 100% Sword 75%
Requested Organisation: Avaellia (6) Magic Cyrcle
Character Goal (50words)
To increase his magical powers.
Character Personality/Quirks (50words)
Non-Threatening demeanour. Quiet voiced. Very Honest. Non-Drinker.
Galin is friendly when approached, but very rarely initiates conversation with others.
Short Description (50words)
Average sized Elf, with athletic physique, blonde hair, green eyes, pale skinned. Tends to wear standard Magic Cyrcle Robes.
1, Snow Tigers (1860)
2, Avaellia (6) Magic Cyrcle
3, Mystics of Avaellia (111)



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