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When a party completes a quest for a settlement they gain renown for that settlement, plus a bit of renown for other settlements nearby. There are two renown ratings, Party Renown and Alliance Renown. The party that carries out the actions will receive or lose more renown for the action than the Alliance.The ratings are hidden with a label being given as an indication of how much renown a party has:

o Unknowns
o Popular
o Heroes
o Truly Heroic
o Legendary

Renown is gained for completing quests, such as Shop Quests, Temple Quests and Special Quests.

Renown 'may' be deducted for Robbery Orders, issuing Engage Orders in a settlement as well as moderation actions that warrant a negative modifier.Renown also slowly fades away. So if a party stops being active in a settlement, or the settlement's neighbours, then it is possible that the Renown will mostly fade away.The next aspect that will be added to this system is keeping track of the political relationships between settlements. So working for settlement A that is at war with nearby settlement B will not give the party a good reputation in settlement B. Also that carrying out hostile actions in settlement B could gain the party more renown in settlement A.

Currently the renown affects the text that is generated when a party carries out an action in a settlement. The text may contain comments that are not just nice.The system also keeps track of things such as a party that achieves a high rating, for example Legendary dropping to just Popular, then the nasty and nice comments can reflect this.

These ratings primary purposes are to allow me to look at a party's renown in an area and determine what effects it should have on moderated actions. Due to the sheer diversity of possible actions I cannot provide an exhaustive list, however here are a few pros and cons to having a high renown.

The party is eligible for more information when carrying out Special Quests for an Organisation that the Party does not work for. Also the Special Quests could be more important as the party are considered to be better known and thus hopefully more reliable.

Carrying out a SA like an Investigation could give the party a positive modifier to succeed due to the party having a known reputation in the settlement. There are times though when this could prove to be a hindrance.

Trying to disguise themselves in a settlement where the party has some renown could be made more difficult as people might recognise the members, or remember that they were in the area at the time of an action being carried out.

Using a SA to ask for requests to speak with Officials about a subject. For example trying to purchase a shop could be much cheaper for a Truly Heroic party.

As more aspects of moderation are programmed a party's renown will become more and more important, until it can affect everything and everything can affect it.Renown is important for each individual party, as it is checked when moderation actions are carried out, so Alliance's may want to have certain parties working in specific areas to increase the parties renown in that particular area. If an Alliance suddenly needs to affect a settlement it will then hopefully have a party that already has some standing present to increase the chances of the action being a success



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